Latest numbers from the DHS show that the number of illegal crossings topped 50,000 for the second straight month

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It’s amazing how many of the same politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C. who claim to represent us are incapable of doing something as simple and yet as necessary as securing the border. Many of them, on both the political Left and Right have promised to get it done for years, and yet the border remains wide open. As a result, illegal aliens continue to pour into our country, bringing everything from drugs to violent crime along with them.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, and as reported by LifeZette, illegal crossings along the southwest border exceeded 50,000 for the second straight month in April, leading many to believe that the lull in illegal immigration last year is officially over.

Last month, U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended 38,234 foreigners as they were illegally trying to enter the United States across the southern border. An additional 12,690 were deemed “inadmissible” at border-crossing stations, bringing the total amount up to 50,924, which is slightly higher than the March figures and more than triple what it was in April of 2017.

One possible explanation for this surge in illegal immigration is that those looking to get into the country across the southern border know that the United States now has a leader that is committed to securing the border once and for all. President Trump routinely reminds politicians on Capitol Hill of the need for a border wall, and if it weren’t for several so-called Republicans obstructing Trump’s immigration agenda every chance they get, perhaps we would be further along with the project than we currently are.

The truth is, America’s lack of action regarding the major influx of illegal immigrants is harming the American people, and in more ways than one. (Related: A dairy industry giant was caught last year harboring over 100 illegal aliens, thereby denying jobs to U.S. workers.)

Illegal aliens commit crime

Last December, Breitbart News compiled an entire list of 35 illegal aliens that were accused of preventable crimes in the year 2017. One of these was 30-year-old German Cruz Capetillo, who was arrested in North Carolina for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl who had run away from her home. Another is Marco Vinicio Perez, who killed his girlfriend after he was supposed to be deported four years ago, in 2012. He was arrested on charges of first-degree murder after he beat her to death because “demons in his head told him” to.

There are more. Like 22-year-old Darwin Martinez Torres, an illegal alien from El Salvador, who beat to death 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen, according to police. In San Diego, a six-year-old boy was severely injured after a drunk illegal alien slammed into his family’s car as they drove home from Disneyland. And 23-year-old Salvador Diaz-Garcia brutally attacked a 19-year-old woman in Burien, Washington, and faced second-degree assault and rape.

Hundreds – if not thousands –  of similar crimes are committed by illegal aliens every year, and they will continue unless we secure the border. (Related: The majority of Americans are worried about illegal immigrants destroying their way of life.)

Illegal aliens cost you money

According to a report put out by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), when you combine federal, state and local spending on illegal immigration, it comes out to be nearly $135 billion a year coming straight out the taxpayers’ pockets. Even if you consider the amount that illegal aliens pay in taxes ($19 billion to federal, state and local governments), that’s still a net cost of $115 billion for taxpayers – far more money than they should have to pay for people who don’t have a right to be in the country in the first place.

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