11/03/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( In a bid to challenge U.S. hegemony around the globe, Russia and China have, in recent years, developed much

10/22/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( The U.S. Navy’s newest $13-billion-per-copy Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carriers, as well as the existing carrier force,

10/19/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( U.S. and Russian warplanes recently flew within 10 to 20 miles of each other – well within visual contact

10/09/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( As models predict temperatures to warm somewhat around the polar ice cap, the region’s natural resources – oil, gas,

10/06/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but the reality is, robots will eventually make

10/01/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( Last year, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) finished sea trials with the nation’s first aircraft carrier, a refurbished

09/29/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( Sometimes being right isn’t a good thing. For years, a number of defense experts have called on the Pentagon

09/25/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( The Office of Personnel Management said earlier this week that 5.6 million people are now estimated to have had

09/21/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( A nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine made a port call to Scotland last week amid growing tensions between the United

09/16/2015 / By usafeaturesmedia

( Just how far ahead of other countries is the United States when it comes to weapons development? When you


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