Iran cheating again on nuclear ‘deal’ that Obama was warned should never have been made

Thursday, November 10, 2016 by

( Thanks to the chicanery of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, the United States and the world are stuck with a nuclear “deal” with aspiring power Iran that the Islamic republic never intended to keep.

And Obama was warned repeatedly it was a deal he shouldn’t make. But you know, he’s the globalist “expert,” so that was that.

Now, it has been reported, Iran is cheating again, meaning the Trump administration will have an immediate foreign policy problem on its hands, complements of the most Left-wing ideologue who ever sat in the Oval Office over the past century.

Per Reuters:

Iran has exceeded a soft limit on sensitive material set under its nuclear deal with major powers, the U.N. atomic watchdog said on Wednesday, hours after Donald Trump – who has strongly criticized the agreement – won the U.S. presidential election.

It is the second time Tehran has surpassed the 130 metric tonne threshold for heavy water, a material used as a moderator in reactors like Iran’s unfinished one at Arak, since the deal was put in place in January. It had 130.1 tonnes of the material on Tuesday, the watchdog said.

The last time Iran overstepped that mark was brief, passing without major criticism from the other countries that signed the nuclear deal last year. But there are questions about whether the incoming Trump administration will react to such incidents the same way.

While it’s not certain how a President Trump will respond to such blatant nuclear cheating, it is fairly reasonable to assume that the Trump White House will not be so blasé about Tehran’s disregard for the agreement. After all, Trump’s team consists of realists and grown-ups who understand perfectly that the United States and the world cannot get this nuclear weapons issue with Iran wrong. Allowing Iran – which has publicly and routinely threatened its neighbors, especially Israel, with destruction – to become a nuclear power is not just bad foreign policy, it is quite possibly the dumbest thing the world could do.

Iran has made it abundantly clear it has no intention of sticking to its agreement because it has made clear it has no respect for, or fear of, President Obama. Here’s hoping Trump and his team can instill a healthy new respect in the Islamic fanatics running Iran.


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