Trump lawyer Sekulow asks the obvious: Why isn’t there a special counsel investigating President Obama over “Russia” allegations?

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As the Republican-led Congress mysteriously continues to investigate their own president over still-unproven allegations he and his inner circle pulled off the election crime of the century by “colluding” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton, one of Donald J. Trump’s lawyers is asking a very pertinent question: How come former President Obama isn’t being investigated?

After all, attorney Jay Sekulow maintained, Obama was president during last year’s election cycle, and according to recent reports, he was well-aware that Russia was attempting to meddle in the American election (though he and his former intelligence community chiefs have all said no Russian tampering changed ANY election results).

During a recent appearance on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” program with host Shannon Bream, Sekulow singled out the former president, asking why a special counsel isn’t looking into his actions and those of his administration more thoroughly.

“Why do we have a special counsel dealing with the Russia hacking when they had that evidence and did nothing?” Sekulow said. “Why don’t we have a special counsel [former FBI Director Robert Mueller] reviewing why President Obama did nothing after he assured the American people — he gets intelligence briefings but assures the American people that Russia did not interfere with the election?”

As for his client, there is nothing there, Sekulow added. (RELATED: Why does the GOP-run Congress have time to investigate Trump, THEIR president, but no time to pass his agenda?)

“You know when the president said early on this was a witch hunt?” Sekulow said. “Every day that goes by, I’m not sure that’s fair to witch hunts to keep calling it that. It’s beyond that.”

Mediaite, which was reporting on the Sekulow interview, made sure to mention reports in Left-wing papers The Guardian and The Washington Post claiming that “millions of dollars were funneled to Sekulow’s family from a charity controlled by Sekulow.” But a closer read of both stories shows that they also included a statement by Sekulow’s spokesman, Gene Kapp, denying that there were any legal or moral improprieties — something Mediaite conveniently left out.

In any event, Sekulow’s main point remains valid: What did Barack Obama know, when did he know it, and more importantly, why didn’t he adequately respond?

Whether the Post realized it or not, the paper essentially threw the former president under the bus in a recent 8,000-plus word piece that contained scores of illegally leaked information that essentially claimed Obama was well-aware of Russian cyber activity aimed at disrupting the U.S. election, but chose to do as little as possible about it.

The evidence, which was presented to Obama by the CIA, was said to be so damning that “the Obama administration secretly debated dozens of options for deterring or punishing Russia, including cyberattacks on Russian infrastructure, the release of CIA-gathered material that might embarrass Putin and sanctions that officials said could ‘crater’ the Russian economy,” the Post said, adding: “But in the end, in late December, Obama approved a modest package combining measures that had been drawn up to punish Russia for other issues — expulsions of 35 diplomats and the closure of two Russian compounds — with economic sanctions so narrowly targeted that even those who helped design them describe their impact as largely symbolic.”

That report directly conflicts with what Obama himself has said publicly about Russia’s inability to “hack” into U.S. electronic voting systems, who noted that “no serious person out there” could believe U.S. voting systems could be hacked and changed because they’re too diverse and too dispersed. In addition, Obama’s cyber security expert, Michael Daniel, told Israel Army Radio this week that Russia did not “hack the election” in any way that changed votes.

The American press knows this.

The American Congress knows this.

Trump knows it, and so do his detractors.

But the question Sekulow asks remains relevant: Why isn’t the 44th president and his staff being hauled before House and Senate panels to answer questions about Russia’s 2016 election involvement?

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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